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Green Dog Spa

Cat Grooming Services

We have successfully demonstrated our cat grooming ability through testing & independent evaluation during the grooming process. This certification is an earned recognition of safety knowledge, compassionate treatment & humane handling of the felines in our care. The CCG (Certified Cat Groomer) sets industry standards for safety, health, sanitation, & groomer ethics. Book Appointment


Begins with a shampoo to clean & rejuvenate skin & coat. Next we trim nails & clean ears. Your pet is then fluffed dry, brushed & combed.


Belly & Sanitary Trim

Your cat will have its belly and/or sanitary area trimmed.

Grooming Pricing

Cat Grooming, starting at:
  • Bath & Brush $64
  • Haircuts as needed $108
  • Nails $35
  • Belly Shave $30
  • Sanitary $1 Per Minute

Frequently Asked Questions

We start with a consultation on our feline exclusive grooming day. This includes nails & brushing. We then proceed with shaving tangles (if needed) from the coat and a bath if possible. This can happen the same visit or the following to space out the grooms so they can get used to the process.
We recommend every 4 to 8 weeks to help control dander and undercoat.
Typically we allow under an hour for your appointment.
Ideally we trim nails, clean ears & do a full bath & dry. We only shave the fur if there are tangles. We do offer sanitary trim or belly shave if requested (as long as cat tolerates.)
Our policy is to groom the cat without sedation. If that is required, we recommend vet supervision.
Sooner the better, starting with 8 week old kittens. Senior cats can be concerning, but if they are used to the grooming process we can make it the least stressful as possible. Normally the benefits outweigh the disadvantages but we can talk with you about your options.
We recommend you treating the cat for fleas with a medicine from the vet before your visit. After this process, we can bathe to check if there are any remaining that are usually no longer alive. This helps prevent the spread of fleas throughout our salon.
cat after grooming