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Green Dog Spa has received “Certified Cat Groomer” status with International Professional Groomers, Inc.


Green Dog Spa specializes in caring for dogs, yet also provides services to include furry feline friends, both short and long-hair. It’s a misconception that cats groom themselves. They do lick themselves while spreading saliva over their dander and dirt. Undercoat, similar to dogs, is extra hair that needs to be removed because it keeps their body temperature regulated and it helps with matting. It builds up and if it’s not removed it can create tangles that need to get shaved off. With proper grooming, we can remove dander, dirt, and undercoat helping to prevent matting and hairballs. If you think about it: they walk in their litter box, then might also be walking on your kitchen counter or bed.

Grooming a cat takes under an hour. Sometimes cats just get their nails done, but if they tolerate everything they would get a bath, brush, blow dried, & ears cleaned. Some get their belly or sanitary areas shaved.

Not all cats are a good candidate for grooming. For example, it might cause too much stress to a senior cat who is not used to the experience. If you’re not sure, we will start with a consultation and nail trim. Give us a call for details!

Green Dog Spa received the Certified Cat Groomer status from the International Professional Groomers, Inc. The Certified Cat Groomer (CCG) sets industry standards for pet and staff safety, health, sanitation, and groomer ethics. Groomers will handle animals in their care in a safe and professional manner and demonstrate their basic “cat bathing and handling” skills. This certification is awarded by our Independent Evaluators, setting these skilled professionals apart from other groomers and validating their qualifications and professionalism to the public.
Erica Benson, Green Dog Spa co-owner says, “We look forward to our Cat Mondays for feline exclusive grooming! They are unique creatures and we love helping them feel their best. We have your cat’s best interest at heart!”

“Green Dog Spa has successfully demonstrated their abilities and skills through testing and independent evaluation of the handling of pets during the grooming process. This certification is an earned recognition of safety knowledge, compassionate treatment and humane handling of the pets in their care.” – Linda Easton President of International Professional Groomers

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