Green Dog Spa Team - Lynn


Lynn is Co-Owner of Green Dog Spa with her daughter, Erica. She is a Jacksonville native with a life long passion for pets. After 4 decades in the pet care industry she still believes that every dog matters, whether waiting to be rescued or living in the lap of luxury. It’s the Dog-Human relationship that we can focus on & make a difference! “It has truly been a blessing to own businesses that allows us to mentor other dog lovers while training bathers, groomers & instructors. The most exciting part of this career is seeing the smiles from pet parents after a new haircut & seeing groomers accomplish goals they never dreamed possible!” She now owns & operates Sunland Acres (Pet Boarding Camp) in Fruit Cove, FL.

Green Dog Spa Team - Erica


Erica is Co-Owner of Green Dog Spa with her mother, Lynn. She holds a Master’s degree from FSU & is an active member of Women Business Owners of Northeast Florida. Her favorite part is mentoring new team members & became a Master Groomer February 2017 through National Dog Groomer’s Association of America. She is also a certified cat groomer with International Professional Groomers & is excited about her grooming career. By attending Pet First Aid/CPR, she keeps the safety of animals top priority. Marney & Lucky are her dogs & partners for Agility, Rally, & Nosework.

Green Dog Spa Team - Emily


Emily moved to Jacksonville in 2011 from San Diego. She has 2 dogs, a duck & lizard. She was certified in animal control & law but now focuses on a more positive part of pet ownership. She competed October 2018 in the Career Start Contest with a handstripped Wire Fox Terrier. Then she went on to become certified in the Sporting Group with NDGAA & attended Pet First Aid/CPR.


Sarah is currently enrolled in The Paragon School of Grooming working on level 1 Groom Tech & also familiar with cat grooming. She has a passion for working with animals and currently has a Lakeland Terrier. After completing Pet Safety and CPR, she feels empowered to help, should the need arise.


Pam has been with the Green Dog Spa team since we opened in 2011. She is certified in the Sporting & Terrier groups. Attending Pet First Aid/CPR was a priority as well as several grooming workshops around the state. She has experience with cats as well.


Aki loves dogs & is currently a student at Paragon School of Pet Grooming. She completed Level 1 Groom Tech, Level 2 Pet Groomer & is now working on Level 3 Pet Stylist. She has had many different breeds over the years & currently has a Shih Tzu named Biscuit. Soon she will be competing in a Career Start Contest grooming a West Highland White Terrier.


DeAnna has been a pet professional since 2018. After completing Level 1 Groom Tech, she moved on to complete Level 2 Pet Groomer at Paragon School of Pet Grooming. She has attended Pet First Aid/CPR & has a Chihuahua mix named Reese. Her favorite part of the job if picking out just the right bandana or bow for those who want a special accessory! She is currently working on her Terrier certification with NDGAA and competing in a Career Start Contest.
Green Dog Spa Team - Naria


Naria is passionate about animals & is currently attending Penn Foster for Vet Technician. She has been working with animals since 2016 & has a 5-year-old Boston Terrier. Her love for being around animals inspires her to educate herself & provide the best care possible, including attending Pet Safety/CPR.


Taunton finished an externship with us through Animal Behavior College & took a class in Pet Safety/CPR. He is excited about starting a grooming career & we appreciate the opportunity to be a mentor to such a talented team member. 


Judy is currently enrolled in The Paragon School of Pet Grooming working on Level 1 Groom Tech. She has a passion for working with animals & is also familiar with cat grooming. Her dog Tyson is a 65 pound Pit Bull.


Melissa has been working with animals since 2017. She has 5 dogs and is currently enrolled in Paragon School of Pet Grooming. Also she attended Pet Safety/CPR class and is excited about her future grooming career!

National Dog Groomers Association of America
Americas Small Business Development Center Florida
Women Business Owners of North Florida
The Jim Moran Institue for global Entrepreneurship