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Your Pet’s Nail Care


Nails (technically “claws”) require proper trimming & filing on a monthly or weekly basis. If left uncared for, they grow too long & you’ll notice clicking while walking across the floor. When nails constantly touch the ground, they exert force back into the nail bed. Long term, this can realign joints of the foreleg & make the foot look flattened or splayed. Compromising weight distribution can make a pet more susceptible to injury. Nails can also get snagged on carpet or furniture, break, or chip. In extreme situations, they curl into the paw pads. Arthritis may set in over time, creating a painful condition needing veterinary attention.

Tips for Nail Maintenance

Jog, walk or bike on concrete so they wear down gradually, as long as asphalt isn’t too hot.

Use sand paper to file manually.

Positive reinforcement & desensitization techniques can help. Handle your pet’s feet so they become accustomed to the process.

If you or your pet feel anxious about nails, we can give them a “paw-dicure” in our salon or mobile! Ask us about our nail packages!

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