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Green Dog Spa

Grooming Services

We have your pet’s best interest at heart. Grooming instructions can be discussed at drop-off. We can suggest how much time is recommended between appointments based on your pet’s coat. Dog grooming typically takes around 4 hours, unless “Express” service is requested. We look forward to caring for your best friend!

Bath & Brush

We shampoo to clean the skin & coat, trim nails & clean ears, then fluff dry, brush & comb.

Mini Groom

Includes all features of the Bath & Brush, then additional trim of face, feet, tail sani & loose hairs.

Full Body Groom

For dogs with longer coats that require customized haircuts and/ or clipping.


Nails (technically “claws”) require proper trimming & filing on a monthly or weekly basis.

Shed Treatment

Removes undercoat through a process of shampoo, conditioner, and additional brushing.


This is a technique where hair is pulled on dogs with wire coats to preserve natural texture & colors.

Safe Drying

Dogs are dried by hand or a fan without heat. Force dryers enable us to see your dog's skin.


This service is faster and we work on your pet straight through without them waiting.

Spa Packages

Additional options are available to enhance your pet’s spa day.

our highly trained team

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Green Dog Spa

Grooming Services

We are the first salon in Jacksonville, FL to host a National Dog Groomer’s Association (NDGAA) Workshop and Certification event. Our team at Green Dog Spa becomes certified & master level, elevating the grooming industry.

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