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5 Ways to Help Keep your Pet Safe… Happy Thanksgiving & Holiday Season!


We are thankful to have customers like you & wish you and your family the best. We attended PetTech Pet CPR, First Aid & Care & would love to share ways to help keep your pet safe throughout the year.

Green Dog Spa will be open Monday, Nov. 21st before Thanksgiving & Monday, Dec. 19th before Christmas to accommodate our clients during the busy holiday. Please book your grooming & boarding appointments as soon as possible.

cpr class

5 Ways to Help Keep Your Pets Safe

1. Stop by Green Dog Spa or Sunland Acres & pick up a “Please Save Our Pet(s)” sticker for no charge.

2. Attend class at
3. Be aware of poisonous plants or chemicals around your pet.
4. Supervise while they are eating & chewing on toys or bones. Any alternative to rawhide & selecting a grain free food w/ meat as 1st ingredient will be a healthy step in the right direction.
5. Perform daily “Snout-To-Tail” assessments. We can show you how to do this in under 5 minutes!
Green Dog Spa & Sunland Acres

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