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Green Dog Spa Reaches 100 Rescue Dogs Groomed Milestone


Mother-daughter owners, Erica Benson and Lynn Lamoureux of GreenDog Spa have volunteered their grooming services for 100 rescue dogs so far in 2019.

Starting in 2011, GreenDog Spa has always welcomed rescue pets into their business, but this is the first time this heart-warming milestone has been reached. “It always seemed like the right thing to do. I can’t tell you exactly how this started because it’s just seemed so natural. The first time I got a call I said, ‘sure bring them over!’. It grew from there. I’m so proud of our team” says Lamoureux.

Green Dog Spa Team - LynnOver time, word of mouth has earned Green Dog Spa a reputation for helping pets in need. Nonprofit organizations like K9 for Warriors, Jacksonville Humane Society, Animal Care and Protective Services, Canine Companions for Independence and others have learned that the caring pair are willing to help deserving pets find a new home and a better life.

Benson adds “We help anytime we are called. We’re happy to do it and feel like it’s our contribution to not only the animals but the generous volunteers that keep these organizations going. It’s not important to us which organization needs help. For us, its all about the animal. The grooming process helps reveal true personality and aids in the rehoming process.

Specific donated services have included baths, nail clipping, and hair cutting. Florida Urgent Rescue (F.U.R.), an organization that specializes in hurricane displaced pets has been coming to GreenDog for 5 years. Mike Merrill, founder states “They’re a great partner to have. Many times we have neglected pets that are unrecognizable due to hair matting and lack of care. This can lead to health problems such as ear infections, blindness, and conditions where nails grow into the paw pad.”

Green Dog Spa Team - EricaThis isn’t only about making a beautiful pet, its also a health issue that left unchecked can cause serious harm.”

 Lamoureux and Benson admit that there is a maximum number of dogs and cats they can treat for free, although they have difficulty identifying that number. Instead, they hope to inspire other pet businesses and individuals to join in the bigger effort. 

One willing partner has been Sunland Acres Pet Boarding Camp located in Fruit Cove. Already in 2019, they have provided over 300 days of boarding services mostly to F.U.R. when they are over capacity. 

To learn how you might be able to help, contact [email protected]


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