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Keeping Pets Safe at Green Dog Spa


Have you ever wondered how your pet is kept safe during grooming? We are hitting the road again this weekend to continue our education in Ft Lauderdale, FL. Our team recognizes the importance of staying up to date with the latest information.

Safety starts before pet enters the salon:
We have a policy that pets must be on a leash at all times- even when you are getting in to and out of your car. If you need assistance, we will be glad to come outside and help. We also have slip leads available no charge if you do not have your leash.

Pet separation:
Your pet will rarely co-mingle with another pet while in our salon. Just like people, pets have different personalities that may clash. To mitigate any chance of injury or illness, we keep all pets in our care separated.

One on one supervision:
While your pet is getting a bath or on our grooming tables, they have our full one on one attention. Our tables have loops that attach around the neck or around one front leg for comfort . Your pet is never left unattended during the grooming process.

Keeping a visible First Aid Kit:
The speed of care is important. We keep a fully stocked first aid kit readily available & highly visible.

Established bath procedures:
We have a process in place that ensures the proper water temperature and double-checking to make sure all shampoo has been rinsed. We take care to dilute concentrated shampoo to minimize the risk of skin reaction or shampoo in the eyes. When it’s time for the drying stage, we take the proper precautions to keep your pet safe. We do not use heated dryers on unattended pets. We also have a “happy hoodie” that we can put around your pet’s ears to muffle the sound and help keep them calm.

State of the art equipment:
We have invested in the most modern, purpose-built and safe commercial grooming equipment available. From tubs to our adjustable grooming tables, we take every precaution to make sure your pet has an enjoyable & safe experience. Grooming blades are changed frequently and the salon disinfected.

Professional trained in pet safety:
We invest regularly in continued education training. Among the regular topics are pet CPR and pet handling safety. Your pet’s groomer has formal safety training and adheres to the AKC Salon Safety Oath.

We understand accidents may happen, but we do everything we can to send your pet home looking beautiful, rejuvenated, and above all, safe. Over time, we develop bonds with your pets just like you have. We look forward to seeing our friends every day and want to partner with you in their care. Thank you for placing your trust in Green Dog Spa. We appreciate your support since 2011!

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