Therapy Animal Coalition Article in Florida Times Union

Therapy Animal Coalition is putting together a virtual project where pet owners and therapy animal teams can submit inspirational videos for people in isolation. Furry family companions are being called to the screen to help heal those who need it now more than ever.

“Erica Benson, co-owner of Green Dog Spa on Baymeadows Road, was one of the first to answer the coalition’s call with her Pyrenees cattle dog Lucky and Cocker Spaniel-Boston Terrier mix Marney.

Benson is not only a member of the Pals and Paws Dog Agility Club where she trains Lucky and Marney, but she has recently joined the world of therapy animal training with Lucky.

Benson was inspired to integrate Lucky into therapy service after she attended the coalition’s Therapy Animal Expo on March 7 at the University of North Florida. As part of Lucky’s ongoing training to become certified, the pup has recently passed the first of several tests.”

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Videos posted on YouTube here.

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