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Annie’s Groom – Great Pyrenees/Collie Mix


For Annie’s groom, we trimmed & filed nails. Ears cleaned. Shaved pads & rounded feet. Bath & brush. Blow dry. This video below shows the final comb through.

Pet grooming at home is an excellent way to bond w/ your best friend! The tools we recommend for safest grooming are:

1) Nail trimmer/file with Kwik Stop
2) Rubber curry (gets loose hair from short coats & can be used wet or dry)
3) Comb (finds tangles, clears debris from eye and/or sanitary areas)
4) Slicker brush/rake/pin brush & conditioning spray
5) Shampoo (wipes, dilute shampoo in mixing bottle, eye wipes/wash)
6) Ear Cleaner

Please avoid clippers & scissors unless you have been professionally trained. If there is an injury, it could create a bad experience or need a visit to the vet. Contact us if you are interested in additional grooming education.

Focus on the most important parts like looking in ears, keeping debris away from eyes & checking for sores on the skin due to matts or other reasons. Message us photos if you have specific concerns, we are here to help!

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