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August 26th – Grooming Basics Part 4


Monthly Demo – Part 4

Sunday, August 26th, 2018, 10-11am
Held at: Green Dog Spa
11048-7 Baymeadows Road
Jacksonville, FL 32256

Review Parts 1-3, Face wash, CPR/First Aid Overview, Ways to get involved w/ your dog including Susan Garrett’s “Crate Games” & “It’s Yer Choice” Demos (

How often should you bathe your pet? Weekly, monthly, or longer?
Things to consider:
  • Itchy?
  • Shedding?
  • Rolled in something smelly?
  • Fleas/Ticks?
  • Live inside or outside?
  • Fear, anxiety and/or aggression?
  • Age? Sometime seniors need special care and can not stand for as long as they once did. We often need to adjust the groom as our precious pets age to keep them comfortable. This includes breaking sessions up into multiple days, changing haircut length, & doing the best we can while focusing on what’s most important.

Articles on this topic:

Skin Comes First: There is no hair without it!

Getting the Real Dirt on Dog Skin Health

Why do dogs roll in garbage, manure, or other smelly stuff?

We would love to talk more about your particular situation. Each pet is unique & has different needs. When bathing at home, use a mild shampoo or discuss if a medicated bath is best. You can use wet wipes between baths or to wipe pet after going outside to help with allergies. Also local honey can help people & pets with allergies. Please call 904-683-5301 for details or select link below to view blog with links to more articles.

Great job Mila, Taylor & Yoko for attending the National Dog Groomers Assoc. of America, Inc. Workshop & Certification in Ft. Lauderdale! We are proud of you & everyone on our Green Dog Spa team for continuing your education. This keeps us up-to-date on new techniques from industry professionals.

We offer low cost grooming to pets without homes or those in special programs. It’s an honor to help groups connect pets with their forever homes. Contact us for details if you know of a dog or cat in need.

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