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Keeping Pets Safe – Part 2


We recognize the importance of staying up to date with the latest information. Here is Part 2 explaining more of what we do to keep pets safe during grooming.

Safety starts before pet enters the salon:
We want to partner with owners to keep coat maintained in optimal condition. Regular grooming helps prevent mats & keep pet used to the process. This is different depending on breed & coat length, but we recommend a visit to the Salon every 4-6 weeks for the best results.

Salon Setup:
Glass walls provide a view into the grooming & bathing areas in case one of our team members or a pet needs assistance.

Discuss what the groom may look like depending on the mats & dog’s behavior. Precise instructions and client interpretations are key to understanding exactly what the pet parent wants and what may or may not be possible during the grooming visit. Pricing and grooming possibilities are based on size of the pet, coat condition, and disposition.

Additional Options:
Express service available for reducing time at the salon. This means we will work on pet straight through instead of the normal 3-4 hour visits to the Salon. A premium fee may be added for this service to allow for dedicated express service.

We take every precaution possible. Our policy is to stop if we feel pet is too stressed or there is a heightened risk for an accident. At that point, we suggest getting the groom performed at vet’s office so they can closely monitor during the process.

Thanks for everyone who trusts us with their best friend & knows we truly have their best interest at heart. Our passion is for the well being of the pet & satisfaction of our pet parent clientele.

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