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Tips to Keep Your Pet Cool During Summer!


It’s great to spend time outdoors, however pets can quickly overheat. Here are some tips…

  1. Minimize time in sun, find shade & keep pet hydrated. Bring a portable bowl & offer water every 15 minutes during activity. Be cautious, however, they do not drink too much too fast.
  2. Fill a kiddie pool with water & toys. When swimming, make sure to supervise & use life jacket if needed.
  3. Be cautious of hot pavement. When air is 77 degrees, asphalt can be up to 125 degrees. Skin destruction can happen in 60 seconds according to AMA. For an extra layer of protection, apply paw wax.
  4. Provide a cooling mat, vest & fan.
  5. Freeze homemade “pup-cicles” using chicken broth or yogurt.
  6. Keep pet appropriately groomed. Depending on coat type, frequent brushing & combing is recommended at home between visits. Double coated breeds need their coat to protect from high temperature & sunburn. It’s recommended to remove undercoat to increase air circulation, but not to shave unless issue with the skin or tangles.
  7. Watch for indicators of heat stroke. This can include exaggerated panting, rapid heartbeat, curled/swolen tongue, vomiting, staring, anxious expression, disorientation, drooling, mild weakness or even collapse.
  8. Visit a veterinarian for any health concerns.

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